Leaders abre to take the biggest positions in Brazil

Four Community is the network of fellows from the education programs of Instituto Four.


Leaders working for a developed Bazil

Four Community brings together all alumni from Instituto Four's educational programmes. It is the continuation of our work, and its mission is to accelerate our fellows and their enterprises and initiatives.

Four Community is the realization of our vision of a more developed Brazil in the long term. We believe that our leaders will follow successful paths, and we need to be present in moments of great difficulty by ensuring a growing path for those who are willing to do great things for Brazil.


fellows are part our community


states are represented by our leaders. We want to reach 100% of Brazil!

53% - 47%

is the ratio of men and women within the community

Within our Community we understand that, once our relationship with a fellow begins, this partnership should maintained throughout his life. This attitude is essential for this leadership to be closely supported and for her results to be increased with the support of networking and the knowledge that Instituto Four offers its alumni.

While ProLíder and other leadership development programs allow Instituto Four to have an impact in the short term, Four Community is the realiation of our vision and dream of long-term impact: a better, more thriving Brazil, moving towards the list of developed countries.


We support all leaders who are formed in Instituto Four's leadership development programs so that they can continue their successful paths, ensuring concrete and positive results for the Brazilian society.

Soon you will be able to learn more about the history of our leaders.

Close contact with our fellows and data management

Instituto Four's main objective with our fellows is to contribute to each one's development in their life journeys. In order to do so, we have an annual conversation with every single fellow. This helps us understand our alumni's plans for their future and how we can contribute individually.

This conversation is accompanied with an impact survey, in which our fellows answers objective questions about their interests for the future, the way they see the evolution of their life paths and the interactions they had with our whole community. All this information is safely processed and kept, in a way to help us track record individually of our alumni.

Four Community Annual Meeting

In 2019, the first edition of the Four Leaders Meeting was held in Chácara Recanto Suiço, Cabreúva - SP. The meeting gathers our alumni to debate the main future tendencies in Brazil and in the world and gives them tools and insights to help them succeed in their personal and professional challenges.

It is also the perfect opportunity for the whole community to stay connected in a more significant way.

Benefits for individual development

Every year, our fellows have the opportunity to engage in individual development programs that look for helping them in their journeys. The first program to be offered was our Mentoring Program, in partnership with Learn To Fly.

In 2020, a new program was announced: the English Scholarships Program, in partnership with Education First. Every year, we look for new benefits to distribute to our fellows.